Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WEN vs Hair One ( A Sally Beauty Supply Generic)

Hair One: I used first because I had to wait 6 long days to get my WEN in the mail. Friends on facebook were quick to tell me that Sally had a product that was comparable to WEN. I raced over to Sally's and bought it based on the clerk recommendations for my hair type. Color treated thank you very much. Yeah, I'm graying at the temples. :) After using hair one I noticed a few things that I liked and disliked. Let's start with the likes.
1. I love that it's an all in one product and it felt tingly on my head as I massaged it in.
2. The smell reminded me of a pleasant scent that my grandma used to wear and Ken liked it too.
3. I was pleased with the results. I had an awesome curl in the front but it still looked frizzy in the back to me. I took after pictures but the lighting in the camera wasn't so great.

4. Sally also offers a money back guarantee if you don't like the products or if they don't work for you - bring them back.
5. After seeing my results, I bought the entire line offered. 1 for curly hair ( which I have ) Another for Normal hair for my daughter. And another for my mom. She wanted the dry hair formula.
Now on to the dislikes.
1. I didn't like how knotty my hair was the first time I used it. It has since gotten better. I attribute this to my old techniques of working the hair for bubbles. It should be massaged at the scalp and worked through with fingers until you are ready to comb it through with a wide tooth comb.
2. I had always thought that hair was more vulnerable when wet making it easier to snap off. My hair is thin, fine and frizzy so combing it through while wet was a bit unsettling as I gathered the hair on my comb. :( After watching the Sally Beauty supply videos available on their website I felt a bit more at ease. This product and the massaging is supposed to promote hair growth.

Wen finally arrived and a day early too. I had already been using Hair One for about a week so I was pretty comfortable with my technique. I watched a few more tutorials on Chaz Dean's website and gave it a go.
1. It is so much thicker than Hair One. The product has high quality ingredients and my hair felt nourished and the cream was thick and covered the hair in a uniform way.
2. The smell was pleasant although it didn't make my scalp tingle in the way the the color treated Hair One did but I can get over that.
3. Rinsing it out felt different and better. My hair feels nourished. I can actually feel a clean coating on my hair. I used a drop of the cleansing conditioner as a leave in and rubbed it in my palms. I couldn't believe how thick that little drop was so I took half of it away and used it on the pony tail section of my hair.
4. After letting it air dry, it feels so light and fluffy. I can get my fingers through it without it tangling. I've never been able to get long growth because of the tangles.
5. I can try this product risk free and return it empty and get my money back. Sweet.
1. I think I am automatically in an auto replenishing order. It was in the terms and conditions that you have to click on when ordering online. I have yet to figure this part of it out but if the product works better that I have no problem with getting it every 90 days. I am an online stalker and have read customer reviews about people not being very satisfied with auto delivery.
2. After reading through the info for the product ( and this is a small dislike) there is another formula for fine or oily hair. The commercial states that this product will work for any hair type but this is conflicting information and of course raises a red flag about integrity.

But really I am nitpicking (lol! a hair joke!) about the dislikes. I want to use the entire kit before I'll give my opinion on it. As I was looking at my hair in the mirror, it is still frizzy but the underside of it had wonderfully sectioned curls. So I am going to use more of the cleansing conditioner on the outside layer of my hair. I was also very pleased with the texture balm. It took care of the frizzy sections of my hair and I could apply it to my dry hair. I still have two products in the introductory kit to try. The styling cream and the intensive hair mask. Over the past week or so I've been washing my hair a lot! I think it's time to take a break from all this product sampling and just let my hair get dirty. :0) Thanks for reading.

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